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In creating and developing Carnival as the ultimate vehicle for the expression of the cultural identity of a community and to bring joy and harmony to all its people, the Notting Hill Carnival Roadshow Company Limited has six dimensions to its operations, namely: recognisance; design; planning; implementation; performance; and evaluation.


The team will visit the setting where it is proposed to hold the event, fact-find, identify and assess the characteristics of the environment which can contribute to an unique and successful event and experience.


The team will assist in the development of suitable objectives and design a carnival celebration that reflects those objectives. The design will reflect the traditional as well as the modern elements of the culture of the people, setting the scene for cultural evolution.


The team will host seminars and meetings working alongside local organisers to discuss and develop an operational and development plan to underpin the event. This method of working enables the team to provide its expertise and at the same time transfer the benefit of its knowledge to local organisers, so as to develop their expertise and facilitate inter-community interaction for the development of future events.


The team will guide and manage the implementation of the operational plan.


When requested, the team will secure the participation of carnival artists and performers from the world-renowned Notting Hill Carnival, London, to perform alongside local artists and contribute to and enhance the carnival experience for all participants and spectators.


The team will conduct on-going evaluation of the event from beginning to the end.

Post the event, the team will conduct a full performance evaluation, from design to implementation and provide a written report which can be used for the development of future events.

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