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Team Biographies

Our people are among the most talented in the industry. It would be our pleasure to put our collective and extensive experience to work for you.

Dr. Claire Holder OBE, ACIS: General Event Management

Claire Holder is a barrister at law and Chartered Secretary who had also been the Chief Executive of the Notting Hill Carnival from 1989 to 2002. Claire has comprehensive experience of event management, having been the driving force behind much of the success of the Notting Hill Carnival from that era. Claire also lectures in Events Management and promotes the use of carnivals and carnivalesque events to facilitate community and social cohesion, thereby improving the stability of communities and society.

Christopher Nortey: Finance and Management

Christopher Nortey is a Chartered Management Accountant with many years of experience in lecturing at the Thames Valley University in Financial Management and Accounting. Christopher was responsible for the strategic financial development and management of the Notting Hill Carnival between 1989 – 2002 and steered a very successful era in the financial development and management of the Carnival enabling it to successfully implement two five-year business plans, thereby enhancing the finances and image of the event and attracting major corporate sponsorship from companies like Coca Cola, Virgin Atlantic and Western Union. Christopher designs financial systems to underpin the stability and success of large-scale festivals and events. He also lectures specifically on the strategic management of events

Stephanie Harwood: Press, PR and Marketing

Stephanie Harwood founded her own company in 1995. Stephanie had been the Press and PR Officer at the Notting Hill Carnival between 1995 – 2002 and continues to use her skills within the Roadshow to promote the Carnival arts. Under the banner of her own company, Stephanie services many other clients in sports marketing and is very skilled at maximising on opportunities to secure good press, as well as valuable sponsorship for events. Stephanie also lectures on Press, PR and Marketing and along with colleagues in the Roadshow will advise on these subject areas as required.

Antonn McCalla: Sound Engineering and Events Production

Antonn McCalla is an experienced DJ and Sound Engineer who had been on the Board of the Notting Hill Carnival Trust for ten years. Antonn works independently as a DJ and Sound Engineer and has travelled extensively during the course of his career advising on sound engineering and giving pleasure to millions as one of London's top DJs. As a sound-engineer, Antonn designs the sound and lighting requirements for any type of venue (indoor or outdoor) so that the best sound is produced and the experience of the audience enhanced as a result. He provides the music and the inspiration for the performances of all the groups involved in the Roadshow

Daniel Holder: Route and Stage Management

Daniel Holder has been a computer programmer of over 30 years standing. Daniel has a keen passion for the arts and cultural events that encourage mass participation. Daniel was the Stage Manager and Route and Safety Manager of the Notting Hill Carnival between 1977 – 2002, a role he carved out for himself when he noticed the continuously increasing numbers of people attending the event. He also produced his own high profile calypso and soca music shows attracting large audiences to stadia venues and now makes his full-time input to the Roadshow, advising on route design and management, crowd management and health and safety.

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