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About Us

The Notting Hill Carnival Roadshow Company Limited was formed in 2001. It is a registered charity and company limited by guarantee based on the laws of England and Wales.

The company's ethos is that Carnival is a celebration of the freedom of the individual and the people. This freedom can be celebrated and expressed through music, dance and masquerade based around the culture(s) of any community in any country.

After many years of designing, developing and managing the systems and the people that enabled the phenomenal growth of the Notting Hill Carnival, the management and staff of the Roadshow are able to provide their services in relation to the design, development, management and successful implementation of any carnivalesque event (carnivals, opening ceremonies, community parties etc.) to meet the objectives of that event's management and organising team. These objectives can be about a celebration of freedom, a celebration of the diversity of the people, a celebration of who you are, entertainment, marketing, publicity, economic development, tourism etc

In addition, the company is able to provide teachers and performers from the Carnival disciplines of Masquerade (Mas), Steelband, Sound Systems, Live Bands, Samba and Soca Dancers to enhance any celebratory event.

The company welcomes opportunities to provide its services and contribute to the design and development of any celebratory event, most especially a Great Carnival.

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